Krungsri HomePro Corporate Card

Prestigious Privileges, Suit your business needs

No annual fee.
The company reserves the right to only customers who are juristic persons of HomePro.

Feature Highlights
Criteria for applicants

Krungsri HomePro Corporate Card

Feature Highilghts

3%* off instantly with the first baht spent at every department

Conditions :  

  • Get 3% off or a HomePro complimentary gift with exception for Super Shock, Clearance Sale merchandise, display products and other non-participating products. Check for more terms and conditions at points of purchase.

0%* interest installment for up to 10 months

(Only for participating items)


2%* Gasoline Cash Back
Get 2%* cash back from every 800 baht per sales slip when spending at participating Bangchak service stations nationwide when paying for fuel via the Krungsri HomePro Corporate Card.

1 Apr 2021 – 31 Mar 2023


  • Bangchak gas stations for Krungsri HomePro Corporate Card Cardholders.
    Cash back for spending via Krungsri HomePro Corporate Card only at Bangchak stations that join the promotions.
  • Limit of maximum cash back amount of 4,800 baht  per 1 card number per 1 billing cycle. The cash back credit is combined on both primary and supplementary cards.
  • The cash back received cannot be redeemed for cash.
  • This campaign cannot be used in conjunction with others promotion.
  • The company will credit the cash back in the billing cycle during which the transaction is made. The item will be shown in cardholder’s monthly statement.
  • If the holder claims this privilege, regular reward points are not added.
    The company reserves the right to change the terms and/or conditions with notice of at least 30 days prior to the changes taking effect.
An insurance policy with 10 million baht in coverage for both inbound and outbound travel*
Feel safe from the first step away from home when you and your family travel anywhere insurance companies with maximum coverage of 10 million baht, the policies cover death or disability without any charges when you pay the full amount of travel costs via Krungsri Corporate Card.
  • Insurance for a flight delay of more than 6 hours
         A cardholder who pays for an air ticket via Krungsri Corporate Card will be compensated for a flight delay to a maximum amount of THB 10,000 and will be covered while traveling both inbound and outbound.
  • Insurance for luggage delay of more than 6 hours
           A cardholder who pays for an air ticket via Krungsri Corporate Card will be compensated for a luggage delay to a maximum amount of THB 10,000 and will be covered while traveling both inbound and outbound.
  • Insurance for Trip Cancellation or Trip Curtailment
           A cardholder who pays for an air ticket via Krungsri Corporate Card will be compensated for a Trip Cancellation or Trip Curtailment to a maximum amount of THB 10,000 and will be covered while traveling both inbound and outbound.


Indemnity are as stipulated in the insurance covered by Chubb Samaggi Insurance PLC. Click

VIP Lounges @ Suvarnabhumi Airport
Whenever you travel abroad, you are exclusively invited to relax in Thai Airways International’s Royal Silk Lounges at Suvarnabhumi Airport (2 times per year).


Please show your Krungsri Corporate Credit Card with a valid Thai Boarding Pass where applicable upon using this privilege. 

• Maximum number of visits is capped at 2 times/cardholder/calendar year at Royal Silk Lounge with Concourse C and E.
• This privilege is exclusive to Krungsri Corporate Credit Card Cardholders whose memberships are valid. 
• The Royal Silk Lounge is available only to Krungsri Corporate Credit Card Cardholders traveling on an International Flight with Thai Airways International.
• The use of the Royal Silk Lounge is limited to 2.30 hours/visit. The cardholder is to bear any costs for extra time charged by Thai Airways International. 
• Accompanied guests of a cardholder may use the Lounge at the presented cost and children under 4 years of age can use the lounge free of charge. 
• This privilege does not include additional services, i.e. massage, shower room etc. A cardholder who wishes to use any additional service must be responsible for the cost incurred. 
• The company reserves its rights to change any of the conditions without advance notice. 


Interest-free payment period of up to 50 days
Krungsri Corporate Credit Card provides convenience for members to make payment by extending the payment period of up to 50 days if full payment is made on the due date (depend on the transaction date and the due date).

Speedy Cash Withdrawal Privilege
Krungsri Corporate Credit Card members can withdraw cash of up to 50% of the credit limit, depending on the balance that is available on the date of cash withdrawal.

Privilege in making partial payment
Krungsri Corporate Credit Card gives you the choice in making either minimum payment as specified by the Company (with interest and fee) or full payment.

บัตรเครดิต กรุงศรี Krungsri  Points
Earn 1 Krungsri Point from every 25 Baht per sales slip (Effective from 16 Jan 20 onwards)
Earn “Krungsri Point” (The fraction which is less than 25 Baht cannot be calculated into “Krungsri Point”) to redeem free gift (s) from our Krungsri Point Program (The company reserve the right to not grant point of any transaction of Cash advance, Utility payment, Bangchak gas station, Mutual fund, AIA Insurance, Fee, Unit link insurance premiums‎, Interest and merchants registered in EEA countries (European Economic Area) and United Kingdom (UK) shall not be calculated for Krungsri Point. Except spending from all websites registered in EEA and UK which will continue receiving Krungsri Point.

Earn 1 Krungsri Point for every 25 Baht
Every 2 Krungsri Points can be converted to Royal Orchid Plus, FlyerBonus, AirAsia BIG Point and Asia Mile Program. 
Every 3 Krungsri Points can be converted to JAL Mileage Bank Program. 

Cardholders can combine their Krungsri Points from all primary cards even faster under the same name and surname to redeem gift(s) or air miles except JAL Mileage Bank Program.

Instant Rewards
Where 1,000 points = 100 Baht and can be redeemed instantly at point-of-sales of participating merchants.
Discounts & privileges of up to 50 %  at well-known restaurants, hotel restaurants
Discounts & privileges of up to 50 %  at well-known restaurants, hotel restaurants around the world.
Applicant's Quatification Criteria

The Company reserves the rights to apply Krungsri HomePro Corporate Card at least 2 cards/company

For Company

  • Public company Limited, Company Limited registered in Thailand
  • Operate business for more than 1 year
  • ​Paid - up capital more than 5 million baht
  • Latest shareholder’s equity must be positive

Ineligible business: Pub, Karaoke, Nigh Club, Army Weapon Business, Prostitute Business, Casino or Gambling

For Cardholder

  • Nationality : Thai or Foreigner


Document require for Corporate liability 

For Company

  • Complete and signed the original application form
  • Complete consent letter for company’s NCB
  • Copy of citizen ID card of the authorized company or in the case of foreign national use copy of passport not valid
  • Copy of business affidavit issued in last 3 monthsor Business/ Trade registration
  • Copy of a list of shareholder (บอจ.5/บมจ.006) issued in last 3 months
  • Copy of financial statement for the latest year


For Cardholder

  • Complete cardholder application form
  • Thai Customer: Copy of ID Citizen (Front and back sides on separate sheets) not expired with signature
     Foreign Customer: Copy of Passport and Work Permit (Validity period not less than 6 months) with signature
  • ​Consent Form (for General Customer)



For further information, please call our Corporate Hotline 0 2646 3030. 
Interest Rate, Penalty, Fees and Other Charges
บัตรเครดิต กรุงศรี
Fee & Charges
บัตรเครดิต กรุงศรี


บัตรเครดิต กรุงศรี


Example of installment plan interest and credit usage charge calculation applicable to customers who remit less than full amount of the outstanding balance or customers who are pass payment due date
บัตรเครดิต กรุงศรี
  Spending in Foreign Currency  
  The Cardholder agrees and accepts that any transaction made under the Card (including, but not limited to, a cash withdrawal) in any foreign currency shall be charged to the Cardholder in Thai Baht at the exchange rate being charged to the Company by the relevant credit card company as of the date on which such amount is charged to the Company. If the transaction amount is not in the US Dollar currency, such amount shall be converted into the US Dollar before converting into Thai Baht. 

The Cardholder can check for the exchange rate for preliminarily reference from: 
For Visa :
For MasterCard :

In addition, the Cardholder agrees and accepts that the hedging premium at the rate not exceed 2.5% of the spending amount ( the rate up to 2.5% of spending amount will be effective from 1st March 2016 onward) shall be charged by the Company to protect for the risk incurred from such currency conversion.

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