Krungsri Smart Bill
Krungsri smart bill
Make your life more convenient by paying your utility bills with Krungsri Credit card.
บัตรเครดิต กรุงศรี Smart Bill
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Terms & Conditions
1. The Cardholder allows Krungsriayudhya Card Co., Ltd. (the company) to charge monthly service fee/utility expense at the amount charged by the service provider(s) from the cardholder’s account and transfer such amount to the service provider(s).
2. Monthly service fee/utility charge shall become effective when the company approves the application and the service provider has been notified of such approval as evidenced by the appearance of the cardholder’s credit card number on the utilities billing statement.
3. Pending approval by the company, the cardholder still has to pay monthly service fee/utility expense via other channel.
4. When the cardholder’s application has been approved, it shall be deemed that the cardholder has cancelled all existing payment method previously applied with other service providers. Such claim shall not be raised by the cardholder to deny payment to the company.
5. The details of monthly service fee/utility expense/ charge will appear in your credit card monthly billing statement.
6. The company reserves the right to limit monthly service fee/utility expense charged by the Metropolitan Electricity Authority ( MEA ), the Provincial Electricity Authority ( PEA ) , The Metropolitan Waterworks Authority (MWA) and the TOT Public Company Limited at the maximum of Baht 30,000 per transaction.
7. In case the cardholder has any enquiry about the monthly service fee/utility expense collected by the Company, the cardholder shall contact the relevant service provider directly.
8. The company shall charge monthly service fee/utility expense to the cardholder’s account only when the remaining credit line is sufficient for such monthly service fee/utility expense. In case the charge cannot be made from the cardholder’s account, the service provider will inform the cardholder directly.
9. The cardholder accepts and agrees to comply with all terms and conditions stipulated under the credit card agreement and amendment thereto currently in force and to be announced and informed to the cardholder in the future.
10. For the cancellation of the utility service hereunder, the cardholder shall contact the service provider directly.
11. This service is reserved only for individuals.

How to apply for Krungsri Smart Bill
1. Complete the “Krungsri Smart Bill” application form
2. Affix your signature similar to that given in the credit card application.
3. Attach the copy of your previous month utility bill or receipt.
4. Send the application form together with document(s) mentioned in number 3 via
fax number 0-2627-6568 or mail to Krungsriayudhya Card Co., Ltd. P.O. Box 83 Rongmuang Post Office 
Bangkok 10330, marking “Krungsri Smart Bill Application” at the lower right of the envelope.
5. Utilities bill payment with the card takes effect from the payment period at which your credit card number appears
in the monthly invoice/ receipt.

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