Krungsri Visa Platinum

The Ultimate Platinum

Free-For-Life Annual Fee Waiver.
The Company reserves the right to charge Annual Fee for Cardholders who is inactive for over 12 months.

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2% Gasoline Discount
Fill up your gasoline tank without having to worry about raising gasoline price. The Krungsri Visa Platinum Credit Card offers you 2% cash back simply by using the card at participating Bangchak gasoline stations nationwide.

• Applicable only for transaction(s) charged through the Krungsri Visa Platinum Credit Card at participating Bangchak gasoline stations.
• Maximum cap at 1,000 baht per transaction and 5 transactions / account / statement cycle.
• All discount / cash back may not be exchanged for cash.
• The discount / cash back will be credited into the card account within their corresponding
• Statement cycle and shown in the monthly statement of the principal cardholder.
• Not valid with any other promotional offer(s).
• The company reserves the rights to change any of the conditions in this gasoline discount program and will notify the cardholder at least 30 days in advance.

Platinum Assistance

We understand that time is money for a busy executive like you. We can provide you with a personal secretary service, ready to facilitate almost every matter for you around the clock 7 days per week. Your personal secretary service is there for you wherever you are.

Some of our Platinum Assistance Services include:

Booking a table at famous restaurants, hotel reservations both in Thailand and abroad.
Booking tickets at cinemas, concerts, sports events, plays and entertainment shows anywhere in the world.
Giving recommendations and making reservations at any world class golf courses.
Ordering and delivering flowers, gifts, books and other items to any location you may request.
Searching for details of merchandises, services, tourist places, restaurants, weather forecasts etc. in any country.
Other services as requested by our valued Cardholders.

Platinum Roadside Assistance & Towing
A team of technicians from AXA Assistance Service is on hand around the clock to provide car repair and roadside assistance services in any emergency, i.e. car problems, accidents, car breakdown while driving, etc. Feel assured when you drive with this reliable service.

In case your car cannot be repaired at the spot, AXA assistance will offer a towing service to the nearest garage or your preferred garage. You will receive 1 complimentary roadside assistance or towing service per year.

To reach our Platinum Assistance & Roadside Assistance Service Hotline:
Simply dial 24-hour assistance service Tel. 0 2206 5411.

Conditions :
• The Service is only available to Krungsri Visa Platinum Cardholders whose membership is valid.
• The Platinum Roadside Assistance & Towing service is not available on islands except for Phuket Island.
• The Company reserves the right to be responsible for the cost, amounting not over 1,500 Baht or for the first 15 km.(whichever is less) and limited to one service per year. The Cardholders will be responsible for any additional costs not being covered by the Company.

10 Million Baht Travel Accidental Insurance
Rest assured the second you step out of your door to travel abroad and domestic. Our complimentary Accidental Travel Insurance Program from New Hampshire Insurance Company - a world-class insurance company- provides a maximum sum of 10 million Baht in case of death or disablement for you and your family. This automatically takes effect when your travel cost is charged to your Krungsri Visa Platinum Credit Card.

Delayed Flight over 6 hours Insurance
Insurance coverage on flight delay for more than 6 hours when the cardholder purchases an airfare/ air ticket with Krungsri Visa Platinum Credit Cards. The cardholder is eligible for a maximum of 10,000 Baht.

Delayed Baggage over 8 hours Insurance
Insurance coverage on delay of baggage for more than 8 hours when the cardholder purchases an airfare/ air ticket with Krungsri Visa Platinum Credit Cards. The cardholder is eligible for a maximum of 10,000 baht for the purchase of necessary goods and services.

Conditions :
• Applicable to traveling or package tour payment made by Krungsri Visa Platinum Credit Card.
• Delayed flight: Insurance cover 10% of face amount on every 6 hours delays
• Delays baggage: Insurance cover 20% of face amount on delayed over 8 hours, 30% of face amount on delayed over 16 hours and 50% of face amount on delayed over 24 hours
• Cardholders must present the flight delay or baggage delay letter from airline plus purchased receipt(s).
• Compensation and conditions are according to the policy of New Hampshire Insurance Company. Enquiries or claims may be made at tel. 0 2649 1999 from Monday – Friday, 0830 – 1700 hrs.

Zero Liability
Your purchase(s) will be automatically protected from unauthorized usage(s) in case of card loss or theft by our Zero Liability program. The company will be responsible for all costs incurred up to 24 hours prior to receiving cardholder’s report of lost/stolen Card.

Conditions :
• The company will be responsible for a maximum at 50,000 Baht per account. The remaining amount (if any) must be borne by the cardholder.
• The company will transfer the money to the cardholder’s credit card account within 45 days from the date of receiving the report.

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